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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty On A Budget: Blue Smokey Eyes

I just couldn't pass up the Wet 'n Wild section at Walgreens when I went in to repurchase my favorite moisturizer. They were having a sale so I decided to pick up a few new things to try. The palettes immediately caught my attention because I like products that take the guess work out of getting ready sometimes. All the colors you need in one little palette! The one I chose to work with today is called the I'm His Breezey palette. I thought it would be cool to do a non traditional smokey eye & work with some fun colors since it is Summer, after all! At $2.99 (sale price) I figured it was a steal. Let's play!

The palette:

Shadows swatched over primer.

The Look

To achieve this look, I didn't completely follow the instructions that came with the palette. Here's a quick guide to how I did it!

1.) Apply the Crease color to the outer part of the eye &, of course, the crease! I also used this to line my lower lash line.
2.) Pat the Eyelid color onto the lid. I didn't want mine any higher than my crease since these colors are bright & I had to run to Target afterwards.
3.) Apply the Definer color to the outer v and smooth some into the crease for depth.
4.) Use the Definer color to line the top lid and then sweep a tiny bit under the eye as a liner to define a bit more.
5.) Apply the Base color to the inner corners of the eye to brighten the eyes & create more of a gradient.
6.) With a fluffy brush, apply some of the Browbone color just above the crease of the eye & use it to blend your crease so there's no harsh lines.
7.) Line the waterline with a black liner for more of a smokey look.

Note: I also applied a matte beige highlight under my brows.


Despite the mixed reviews on this product, I have to say that I like it overall. The colors are bright & quite beautiful. I wish that my camera hadn't sucked the color out of some of my pics but the pigmentation is pretty decent. Be prepared to pack them on a bit, though, if you want ultimate color payoff. The Crease color is probably the most vibrant. The least vibrant is the Base color but that isn't a big deal considering I would only use it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. It takes a bit of patience to blend these shadows but the end result is worth the hassle in my opinion. I was also pleased to see that there was minimal fallout under my eyes when I completed the look. I definitely recommend using a base (I used a primer & NYX Milk eye pencil) to make the colors really pop. I would also recommend deviating slightly from the suggestions on the package. I tried using the colors the way they are recommended but the Browbone color is way too shimmery and blue to use under the brow. I recommend using it to blend the crease with instead. The base color is also too shimmery and takes away from the blue when used as a highlight. I would recommend either a different slightly shimmery highlight or a matte one like I used here. The little applicators it comes with are useless, by the way. I'd recommend using a flat brush to pack on all the colors & a fluffy one to blend (I used only 2 for this whole look). I think if I had extended the shadow some it would have given me some Britney Slave 4 U vibes. I didn't want to take it up too high, though, because I have a lot of lid space & want it to be wearable & not clowny. Overall, I would totally recommend this palette especially for the price.

Going to end this post with another Jhameel video because he's absolutely amazing & rocking my world lately. He slays this cover & its absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!

To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no...

Joanna xo

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