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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beauty On A Budget: Neutral With A Twist + Pink Pouty Lips

& we're back! It's been longer than I would've wanted between posts (I was on a roll - drat!) but of course both my laptop and my cell phone would crap out on the same day... *muffled sobbing* Ah & then I broke out in hives after dinner tonight (was it the pad Thai? what a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad few days!...woe is me!...etc.etc.etc).
Wellp, no sense wallowing! The most important thing is that we're here now so lets get this going 'cuz the show must go on!

This is the look I wore out to dinner earlier tonight which was done with all drugstore/dollar store makeup. Let's save a couple bucks, shall we?!

Since it's so hot out I wanted to simplify my routine a bit so I rummaged through my collection of pre-made palettes & settled on a shimmery neutral trio by Wet 'n Wild ($2.99).

I decided to take the look a step further by adding a pop of color in the form of some brightly colored  NYX liner ($4.49) & lined my waterline with my new favorite pencil liner by Wet 'n Wild ($3.49). For the lips I tried out 2 of my newest Dollar Tree Finds - a shimmery pink lipstick & lipgloss combo (NYC + LA Colors = $2.00)! Time for more specifics!

The trio:
Wet 'n Wild Walking On Eggshells trio

The liquid liner:
NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue

The pencil liner:
Wet 'n Wild Fergie On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil in Midnight Girl

The lipstick/lipgloss:
NYC lipstick in Snowcone/LA Colors Moisturizing gloss (no name on tube)

Midnight Girl liner/Extreme Blue liquid liner/Trio (Browbone, Crease, Lid in that order)
L: Lipstick R: Gloss

The Look:

I followed the instructions right on the trio itself for this one & added liner. Piece of cake!
*Note* Added a coat or 2 of black CoverGirl mascara.


Eyeshadow trio: As you've already seen, this is a shimmery 3 color shadow set which consists of a peachy nude Eyelid color, golden brown Crease shade & a pearly white Browbone shade. Each shadow is nicely pigmented & shimmery (but not glittery). I was apprehensive about wearing 3 shimmery shadows at the same time (I prefer a matte highlight) but didn't feel like deviating from the trio so I went ahead & slapped 'em on anyway. The colors are all very subtle and not as vibrant on my eyes as they appear in the swatches. I'm quite fair so they seemed to disappear into my lids a bit (especially when I used a fluffier brush to blend). However, my camera did suck out a bit of the color, to be fair. Overall, I think the shadows are universally flattering & the shimmer is actually really pretty and subdued enough to wear during the day. I also think this trio would look awesome on olive (or darker) complexions. You can layer the colors up a bit to deepen them but they still wont be bold or flashy so if you're looking for something neutral/natural these are a great deal. Plus, they're super easy to blend & work with.

Liquid liner: Personally, I love this liquid liner. I love metallics & I'm on a blue kick lately so this was the perfect little embellishment for my neutral eye look. It applies smoothly & the applicator is thin & easy to use. The color is opaque & has great pigmentation as well as staying power. I also loved how it sort of changed the shape of my eyes (they look less round if you compare to my previous post, for example), especially when I added the black eye pencil to my waterline. Most liners will do that for you depending on how you apply them but since I don't usually wear liner on my top lid, it was kinda cool to mess with the application. I wore this for many hours both indoors & outdoors (in the heat). By the end of the night it was still in place...no cracking or smudging! Needless to say, I'll be checking the other colors out.

Pencil liner: This eye pencil is part of the Fergie collection by Wet 'n Wild & is also my new favorite! I usually set all of my eyeliners with a black shadow but I haven't felt the need to do that with this product. It's rich, smooth & opaque. It also applies evenly both on lids & the waterline & stays put! It's also easy to use & comes in packaging reminiscent of higher end brands. I'm definitely interested in the other colors. As far as Midnight Girl is concerned, though, it's an absolute steal!

Lipstick: This frosty pink isn't my favorite (hmmm it sorta gives me 90s vibes) & feels a bit like play makeup. The packaging is kinda flimsy & cheap looking but the product inside is passable, especially for a buck. I think layering gloss over it really helped the overall look. It kind of just looked like I was wearing a sheer pinky lipgloss.

Lip gloss: This gloss is non sticky, moisturizing, pink tinted & smells sweet. I actually like it & I'm sure I'll be layering it over loads of pink lipsticks.

It wouldn't be a proper post if I didn't include a song, right? I'm still listening to OCD's Living Out Loud album & this is definitely one of my favorite tracks (Back To The Wall). So chiiiillllll. I need chill...since I'm still hella swollen, red & patchy. Guess I'm staying in tomorrow. Time to turn back into a pumpkin & take my makeup off. 'Til next time!

I want you to stay, here and now
I feel like a wave crashing down
I want you stay, all night long
I got my back to the wall

Joanna xo


  1. So clean and precise; that blue liner is stunning :) -Ezi

    1. Aw thank you!! :D Hope the others in the line are as good. Getting on the NYX liner bandwagon hella late...oh well.