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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: e.l.f Bronzed Beauty (Disney Ariel Bronzer)

As I was browsing the aisles of my local Walgreens for a pick-me-up, I simply couldn't walk past the e.l.f Disney Ariel collection without stopping to take a closer look. 

The Rundown:
The e.l.f Ariel collection includes a Beauty Book Gift Set (9 shadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 1 shimmering lip gloss, 1 bronzer/blush brush & an eyeshadow brush - $9.99), Eye Collection Gift Set (2 eyeshadow duos & 1 liquid liner - $4.99), Lip Stain & Super Glossy Lip Shine Gift Set (1 lip stain & 2 lip glosses - $4.99), Crystal Brushes Gift Set (5 piece brush set - $9.99), Ardell Eyelash Set (2 pairs of lashes & 1 mini lash adhesive - $7.99) & of course the Bronzed Beauty Bronzer Gift Set (1 bronzer & 1 mini kabuki brush - $4.99). 

The 2 sets in this collection that really piqued my interest were the bronzer and the falsies. I opted to get a different 2 piece lash set (it was on sale) and indulged my curiosity by buying the bronzer set alone. 

The Review:
The box that this set comes in is decorated both inside and out and the teal, purple, gold & white packaging is quite eye catching. The compact itself is rather small, lightweight and somewhat flimsy but the lid design is incredibly cute, especially if you're a fan of The Little Mermaid. The clear plastic top is adorned with an Ariel decal and the underside of the packaging is white. This would be a great product to travel with (or throw in your makeup bag for a quick touch up) because it is small and sleek.

The bronzer is a warm toned brown flecked with splashes of gold. Some reviewers have claimed that the darker brown portion is matte but I have found that it has more of a satin finish and the gold is more grainy and very shimmery. When swirled together, the bronzer is a light subtle brown with golden shimmer.
While I wouldn't recommend contouring with it, this product adds a beautiful bronze sheen to the skin. I personally liked swirling it together and applying it just a bit higher than my actual contour color. It blends very easily and emphasizes the cheeks nicely. The gold color can be used alone as a subtle shimmery highlight on the cheekbones or even on the brow bone/inner corners of the eye. I would definitely recommend this for a night out or special occasion because it adds a little something extra to my regular contouring routine and gives my face more of a subtle sun kissed glow. Overall, it is decently pigmented but not intense, making easy to use and universally flattering. Even though I'm quite fair, this bronzer does not have a muddy or orange appearance on my skin and would look just as pretty on darker complexions.

The mini kabuki brush is nothing to write home about. The bristles are scratchy and it sheds. Its way too harsh to apply anything with and the bristles felt like tightly packed straw against my face. Even though I didn't plan on using it after this review, it did make for a sweet cat toy. 

Top: bronzer swirled together/Middle: gold bits alone/Bottom: brown bits alone
 Additional Product Photos:

Look using e.l.f Disney Ariel bronzer. Indoor lighting.
Joanna xo

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