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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zombie Hands 2

Makeup in different lighting.

I decided to have another go at some zombie hands after getting some suggestions from a brilliant friend of mine. I'm not including a full tutorial this time because it would be too similar to my previous post (& I didn't change it up enough for that to be necessary) but I wanted to offer up a couple additional tips!

Minor Changes:

The "snake" method of applying scar wax.

- One thing that I did differently this time around (in addition to adding 2 more wounds than before) is the way I applied the wax to my hand. Rather than scooping it out and applying directly to my skin (& then molding it to my desired wound shape) I rolled it into little "snakes" & then applied it. The heat from my hands smoothed it out & made it easier to work with. Once it was stuck to the spirit gum I applied first, I was able to create larger open wounds rather than just a "cut".

- Added a small wound to my ring finger & shaded so that it looked thinner & almost like parts (at the top) were falling away. 

- I skipped the blood this time & aimed for an "older" zombie look. Y'know...one that has been dead for a good long time. I filled in the wounds with a dark yellow color. Next, I focused on shading with a dark maroon/red color (to resemble dried blood) inside & around the wound. I also used a dark grey & then a black to shade as well (particularly around wound openings).

Hope you're enjoying these Halloween inspired looks - I know I am!

Course I gotta leave with a song...Damn, still having Seth Rogen visions when I hear this hahaha.

Just grab somebody, no leaving this party
With nobody to love. Nobody, nobody!

Joanna xo

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zombie Hands

Hey folks! I'm back today with a step by step picture tutorial demonstrating how to create zombie hands! This makeup would also be great if you're planning on being a witch or any other character that might have some gnarly mitts! Let's jump right in, shall we?

Let's set the mood with my song of the moment, though. This has been stuck in my head for days now & this little girl beasts the choreography like no otha! I love Sia, etc.

I'm the one "for a good time call"
Phone's blowin' up, ringin' my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

Ok here we go!

What I used (& a few tips/product recommendations)

1.) Rubie's Spirit Gum adhesive - can be found almost anywhere that sells any kind of costume/Halloween makeup.
2.) Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax
3.) Mehron Liquid Latex
4.) Disposable makeup brushes  - I used a cheap assortment from Michael's that cost me under $5 because I don't like to use my more expensive brushes for latex application. Red cream makeup, in particular, also tends to stain my brushes beyond repair so I like to toss them once I'm done or use them a few more times to apply the same product at a later time.
5.) CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation in 810 - you can use whatever foundation you have on hand or skip this step. I did this to lighten the grey & so that the makeup would be more realistic. You can use white cream makeup to customize your shade of grey instead, though!
6.) Ben Nye Professional Wheels (or some other kind of cream makeup) - The main colors you will need are: Grey, Red, White (to highlight & mix in with the grey to create depth), Green & Black. I used the Zombie/Rainbow wheels but you can also pick up some Fantasy Makers palettes from the makers of Wet 'N Wild instead & mix them to get essentially the same colors I used. They typically come with 4 colors that can be mixed to create virtually any shade you need. As a matter of fact, Dollar Tree stores have already started stocking them so you've got plenty of time to run out & try 'em! I included one such palette in the photo above & even though it's in embarrassing condition (I use the lid to mix colors), you get the point! They're actually really wonderful for looks like this because they're easy to blend & super affordable & convenient.
7.) Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder -  you'll need some kind of translucent powder to set your makeup & make sure it stays put.
8.) Fake blood - I chose a slightly thicker/darker formula
9.) Metal tool for scooping your scar wax - I used the end of a pair of tweezers. You can use the end of a spoon just as well or one of those pointed metal nail files - just be careful not to poke yourself!

Step by step:

1.) Decide where you'd like to place your wound. Once you've got that figured out, apply your Spirit Gum to the area & wait for it to get tacky. This product is used to keep your wound in place until you decide to remove it.

2.) Scoop out some scar wax & apply it over the Spirit Gum. Start manipulating it with your fingers or tool of choice. Sometimes its easier to warm it up with your hands first in order to smooth it out. I was going for a textured, dry looking finish so I applied it directly to my hand. Get a nice thick layer on.

3.) Drag the end of your tweezers (or whatever tool you are using) through the middle of the wound creating a divide or "cut".


4.) To secure the wax, use a bit of liquid latex on the edges of your wound. I applied this with a small paint brush. I also applied some liquid latex in patches (randomly) to get a bit more texture. After doing this, you can keep the brush you used for future makeup & use it to apply latex a couple more times.

5.) Once the latex is dry, add some color! I used a dark grey from my Ben Nye Professional Zombie Wheel, mixed with my foundation & applied it with a medium sized paint brush. If you have darker skin, use a white cream makeup to get your desired shade. I also took a sponge & applied bits of a mossy green to blend in with the grey (applied the green around the wound, nail beds & lines/creases in my hand).

6.) Apply red cream makeup in the cut. Red cream makeup is usually pretty difficult to remove from my brushes & since I have no patience I usually toss them after applying the red. For this reason, it's good to stock up on some cheap brushes that you wont feel guilty about tossing out or getting latex/ stubborn makeup on.

7.) Use some dark grey/blackcream makeup to create some depth. Apply the darker colors along the edges of the gash and inside to dull that red a bit and make it look a bit more realistic.

8.) I used a dark greyish/purple color to add some depth to the hands by applying it around and on the nails and in natural hand creases (on the fingers). At this point it doesn't have to be perfect and will probably look a bit cartoonish. 

9.) Blend these colors some by going over the areas with the same brush you applied your all over color with (the grey you applied first). This will soften the lines & make everything look more realistic.

10.) Keep adding depth by building color. I added in more dark greys & even black around the wound so it would look nice and infected/irritated and just plain gross. Then I patted the darker colors with a sponge & even my fingers for a more even blend. I kept laying down colors & blending them until I got the desired effect.

11.) Using a very thin brush I took some black cream makeup & once again traced over some of the lines and crevices created by the wax. I also applied the black around my nails once more & in any lines on my fingers for extra definition.

12.) Blend those lines with a slightly larger and fluffier brush. Don't blend them away completely, but just enough so they don't look so obvious. When I finished blending, I added my colorless powder all over my hand to set all the colors & make sure they would stay in place.

13.) By this point he gon' put a ring on it hunty! Ok ok just kidding...*sigh*

Apply some blood in the wound & VOILA you've got some nasty zombie hands!

Hope this was helpful. These are definitely my favorite tutorials to do so wont you join me for more? Please check back! Muahuahuahua! :)

Joanna xo

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Halloween 2014: Preview (WARNING - slightly gross!)

I haven't posted anything in far too long, so I apologize for anyone checking in with me here! I have to say that despite the muggy madness going on outside, I've been in fall mode hardcore for the last week or so. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colors, the air to get crisp & cool & to bust out some of the makeup I hardly ever get to touch! I've already been buying up pumpkins (& other miscellaneous Halloween/fall decor) & thinking up some fun tutorials for my favorite season!

August is coming to a rapid end (which means Halloween isn't too far behind) so I wanted to make sure to feature some cool makeup looks in advance & give my readers/viewers a chance to enjoy & even replicate them. Despite my lack of updates, I've been doing a lot of sketching & getting into the spirit by watching some of my favorite movies  - so please bear with me!

I'm feeling inspired again & wanted to switch gears a bit so today I wanted to share a really basic (but still kinda gnarly) wound/cut makeup that I did a while back. I hope to feature many more like it, ranging from simple to more complicated in case anyone wants to go the gory route for Halloween this year (or, if you simply want to gross someone out!). For those of you who aren't into these kinds of looks, no worries! I'll be doing some fun fantasy makeup too & trying to mix in a little something for everyone.

Now, onto the..."look"...haha. 

For this super simple cut I used:
Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax (to shape the cut)
Mehron Liquid Latex (applied around the cut to keep it in place)
CoverGirl Advanced Radiance #110 foundation (to ensure the wound & latex more closely resembled my actual skin)
Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel (I used the red color to make the skin look a bit irritated)
Fun World Theatrical Blood+Vampire Blood which is slightly thicker (to fill the wound). Both can be found at costume shops.

I obviously chose to work with my hand but you could do something similar on your face, neck, chest or anywhere else! Hopefully a more in-depth tutorial will inspire some costumes this year! If I were to wear this out I'd have probably added some spirit gum or more liquid latex to make sure my cut lasted 'til I decided to call it quits! I would also add in more colors & shading but I think you get the point! It doesn't take all that much to create a memorable & gory look like this so I hope you check back for more!

Oh! Also! If you want to stay up to date on what I've got going on including makeup pictures, sketches & more, please check out my INSTAGRAM (Username: Joebybear) & follow me! 'Til next time, creeps!

Joanna xo

Monday, August 11, 2014

Haul: Dollar Tree

I've been seeing a lot of Dollar Tree related YouTube hauls/Instagram posts lately & couldn't hold back any longer - I had to go see what all the fuss was about! I've always been a big fan of Dollar Tree for all kinds of miscellaneous goodies & knickknacks but hadn't made my way there in ages. I was really excited to see their fall/Halloween themed decor because my favorite season is coming up & (for me) it's never too early to stock up. I swear,  August can't end soon enough! Bring on the pumpkins, cozy sweaters & crisp cool air please! Well, until then at least I've got some pretty great fall finds to hold me over!

I went in with the intention of scoping out some budget friendly beauty products (which I did) but ended up leaving with a cart full of other great stuff. They had an amazing selection of glass containers, candle holders & bowls so I picked up a few of each. I found these really nifty star shaped glass bowls that ended up being perfect for storing my larger earrings and other jewelry. For this post I decided to focus on the beauty products I picked up, but I think I'll take another trip to the Dollar Tree this week & do a more extensive haul (& maybe even some DIYs). I'm feeling inspired! But for now, here's what I picked up to try. I've already got some reviews in the works!

Here's the lowdown on what I got!

- Cupcake air freshener - This was one of the items I kept seeing floating around IG. I didn't think I'd have much luck finding it but, to my surprise, I found it chillin' in a random aisle I was passing through! I haven't put this in my car yet but did hang it up in my closet. The scent of the fragrance disc included is a subtle but sweet smelling vanilla. The coolest part is that the Bath & Body Works ScentPortable fragrance refills fit into this holder perfectly, so I'll definitely be alternating this one with the one I already have! Also, it's just plain cute!
- Nail polish remover
- Super Dry top coat - It says "Seche Vite" on the side (which is the name of my favorite top coat from Sally's) so I'm interested to see how this compares. It looks really watery but I'm secretly hoping this stuff is awesome so I don't have to spend $9 on a bottle of my regular topcoat!
- Glittery nail files - these were just too cute to pass up! My inner glitter-loving 12 year old was screaming.
- Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bronzer - I was pretty shocked to see a pretty good selection of Physician's Formula products! If you're familiar with this brand then you already know that it's pretty pricy, especially for one sold at drug stores. I had no idea what this bronzer looked like inside, but the packaging sold me. It's also made from a 90% natural formula (& free of harsh chemicals) which made this purchase a no-brainer for me! Can't wait to do a more detailed review on this in the next few days.
- Leopard print handle hair brush - I'm still loving leopard. The obsession continues.
- LA Colors lipsticks - I picked up two very different shades. One of them is sort of a burgundy/mauve color which I've already tried (and concluded that it will be perfect for the upcoming fall season). The other is more of a berry pink color which I gave to my mom because it was right up her alley. I had around ten of these in my cart at first but put a bunch back when I realized how much stuff I had accumulated. When I go back, though,  I'm definitely buying up a bunch so I can do a review! So far, I'm loving the formula.

Until next time!

Joanna xo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Upcoming MAC Cosmetics Collections (Fall 2014)

My favorite season is coming up so I can't help but be excited about all the cool new makeup collections coming out! I made a quick little list of all the MAC collections I keep hearing about & figured I'd share in case anyone else is interested. I've seen a few product sneak peeks & I can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff! Play time!

MAC x Marge - Sept 2014
MAC x Brooke Shields - Oct 2, 2014
MAC Matte Lip Collection - Oct 9, 2014
MAC Rocky Horror - Fall
MAC A Novel Romance - Fall
MAC Joey Arias - Fall
MAC VivaGlam Rihanna II - TBD

Here's a little sneak peek of the first two!

Joanna xo

Thursday, August 7, 2014

FOTD: Brown Smokey Eyes/Coral Lips

I decided that I wanted to play with some makeup today so I threw together this look. I didn't take any photos/closeups of it with my Nikon (the battery died on me - bad blogger!) but I wanted to post a quick FOTD anyway!

Get the look:
First, I used MAC's eyeshadow in Saddle as a transition color above my crease & highlighted my brow bone/inner corners with Revlon's single shadow in Bone.
Next, I used Smog eyeshadow from my original Urban Decay Naked Palette in the crease.
I patted Half Baked eyeshadow on my lid.
I used Darkhorse eyeshadow on my outer v & to line my waterline.
I added Creep eyeshadow to my outer v to deepen it & lined my upper lashlines with it for added smokiness.
I added MAC's Shroom to the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop even more.
I lined my waterline with my Wet 'n Wild Fergie liner in Midnight Girl.
I also lined my upper lashlines with e.l.f liquid liner in Black,added some falsies for fullness & applied a few coats of CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume mascara in Very Black.
For my lips I used NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches And Cream. It looks coral in the tube but comes off more pink on the lips & in photos. I've been loving these glosses lately so expect a review!

& as always my current jam because it has been stuck in my head all afternoon!

 & I can gaze at all the city lights,
& I can still feel as dark as night
Joanna xo

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monthly Favorites: July 2014

1.) Nivea Smooth Sensation body lotion - I've always loved Nivea products & this lotion is no exception! It absorbs quickly, moisturizes well & smells fresh! This is great for dry skin & keeps my skin soft for hours.
2.) Softlips Cube in Fresh Mint - I originally bought this lip product because I'm a sucker for packaging & loved the ice cube looking design. Luckily, the lip balm inside is just as awesome! I've come to love this more than my eos lip balms because its less waxy & moisturizes my lips more effectively. The Fresh Mint variety is my favorite!
3.) Aquaphor Healing Ointment - This stuff is a godsend! Whenever I have a blemish or uneven skin I rub this on & it diminishes any problem areas on my face. Its gentle & unscented which makes it perfect for dry, cracked & even irritated skin. A general rule of thumb with blemishes is to leave them alone but if you happen to mess with a bothersome pimple, this stuff works particularly well to restore broken skin.
4.) Ralph Lauren Ralph perfume - I've repurchased this perfume since I was about 15 & I think it's safe to say that it'll be in my collection for a long time! Fresh, clean & perfect for any season. Here are the notes (but I recommend just sniffing it!) - Apple Tree Leaves, Yellow Freesia, Italian Mandarin, Japanese Loquat, Osmanthus, Magnolia, Linden Blossom Flower, Purple Freesia, Boronia, Musk 2000, White Orris.
5.) Sonia Kashuk flat shadow brush (easy to find at Target) - I've had this brush for several years but recently started using it again when I wanted to wear bolder eye makeup. It packs on shadow without brushing away color & is small & thin enough to line upper and lower lashlines. I've also used this brush to do cut creases & other detail work so its super versatile!
6.) Wet 'n Wild Fergie On Edge Longwearing eye pencil in Midnight Girl - I've mentioned this liner in a previous post & it has definitely become my favorite black pencil liner of the moment. Its rich, opaque, creamy (but not too creamy) & stays put on my waterline!
7.) Aquaphor Lip Repair+Protect - I LOVE this lip product! I was searching for something to restore my dry lips & this definitely did the trick. I smooth this on at night & when I wake up in the morning my lips are perfectly soft & supple. Since I started using this product, my lipsticks & lipglosses have been applying more easily. It also has SPF 30 which is perfect for days spent at the beach or outside. Protect that pout!
8.) China Glaze nail polish in Flip Flop Fantasy - I've had this polish in my stash forever but only used it once until this last month. Its a 2 coater but its totally worth the hassle because the color is gorgeous for summer & on any skin tone. I gave myself a pedi with this polish & it didn't budge for over 2 weeks. The staying power is amazing.
9.) Sephora by OPI nail polish in Traffic-Stopper Copper - I always love topping my nails off with a glittery topcoat & love this rose gold sparkle polish. It makes my manicure last longer, eliminates the need for an additional topcoat and camouflages any little streaks or nail imperfections while adding shine to my nails. 
10.) All things leopard! - What can I say? I've been loving pops of leopard print lately...from tank tops to the two pairs of shoes I ordered (pictured above). I love how classic it looks & adds a little somethin' extra to simple outfits. 

 China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy & Sephora by OPI in Traffic Stopper Copper.

 Leopard love.

& song of the moment!

 Joanna xo