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Monday, August 11, 2014

Haul: Dollar Tree

I've been seeing a lot of Dollar Tree related YouTube hauls/Instagram posts lately & couldn't hold back any longer - I had to go see what all the fuss was about! I've always been a big fan of Dollar Tree for all kinds of miscellaneous goodies & knickknacks but hadn't made my way there in ages. I was really excited to see their fall/Halloween themed decor because my favorite season is coming up & (for me) it's never too early to stock up. I swear,  August can't end soon enough! Bring on the pumpkins, cozy sweaters & crisp cool air please! Well, until then at least I've got some pretty great fall finds to hold me over!

I went in with the intention of scoping out some budget friendly beauty products (which I did) but ended up leaving with a cart full of other great stuff. They had an amazing selection of glass containers, candle holders & bowls so I picked up a few of each. I found these really nifty star shaped glass bowls that ended up being perfect for storing my larger earrings and other jewelry. For this post I decided to focus on the beauty products I picked up, but I think I'll take another trip to the Dollar Tree this week & do a more extensive haul (& maybe even some DIYs). I'm feeling inspired! But for now, here's what I picked up to try. I've already got some reviews in the works!

Here's the lowdown on what I got!

- Cupcake air freshener - This was one of the items I kept seeing floating around IG. I didn't think I'd have much luck finding it but, to my surprise, I found it chillin' in a random aisle I was passing through! I haven't put this in my car yet but did hang it up in my closet. The scent of the fragrance disc included is a subtle but sweet smelling vanilla. The coolest part is that the Bath & Body Works ScentPortable fragrance refills fit into this holder perfectly, so I'll definitely be alternating this one with the one I already have! Also, it's just plain cute!
- Nail polish remover
- Super Dry top coat - It says "Seche Vite" on the side (which is the name of my favorite top coat from Sally's) so I'm interested to see how this compares. It looks really watery but I'm secretly hoping this stuff is awesome so I don't have to spend $9 on a bottle of my regular topcoat!
- Glittery nail files - these were just too cute to pass up! My inner glitter-loving 12 year old was screaming.
- Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Bronzer - I was pretty shocked to see a pretty good selection of Physician's Formula products! If you're familiar with this brand then you already know that it's pretty pricy, especially for one sold at drug stores. I had no idea what this bronzer looked like inside, but the packaging sold me. It's also made from a 90% natural formula (& free of harsh chemicals) which made this purchase a no-brainer for me! Can't wait to do a more detailed review on this in the next few days.
- Leopard print handle hair brush - I'm still loving leopard. The obsession continues.
- LA Colors lipsticks - I picked up two very different shades. One of them is sort of a burgundy/mauve color which I've already tried (and concluded that it will be perfect for the upcoming fall season). The other is more of a berry pink color which I gave to my mom because it was right up her alley. I had around ten of these in my cart at first but put a bunch back when I realized how much stuff I had accumulated. When I go back, though,  I'm definitely buying up a bunch so I can do a review! So far, I'm loving the formula.

Until next time!

Joanna xo


  1. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Come check out the post at http://coralstar2011.blogspot.com/2014/08/liebster-award.html

    1. Awesome, girl! Checking it out! :)