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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Zombie Hands 2

Makeup in different lighting.

I decided to have another go at some zombie hands after getting some suggestions from a brilliant friend of mine. I'm not including a full tutorial this time because it would be too similar to my previous post (& I didn't change it up enough for that to be necessary) but I wanted to offer up a couple additional tips!

Minor Changes:

The "snake" method of applying scar wax.

- One thing that I did differently this time around (in addition to adding 2 more wounds than before) is the way I applied the wax to my hand. Rather than scooping it out and applying directly to my skin (& then molding it to my desired wound shape) I rolled it into little "snakes" & then applied it. The heat from my hands smoothed it out & made it easier to work with. Once it was stuck to the spirit gum I applied first, I was able to create larger open wounds rather than just a "cut".

- Added a small wound to my ring finger & shaded so that it looked thinner & almost like parts (at the top) were falling away. 

- I skipped the blood this time & aimed for an "older" zombie look. Y'know...one that has been dead for a good long time. I filled in the wounds with a dark yellow color. Next, I focused on shading with a dark maroon/red color (to resemble dried blood) inside & around the wound. I also used a dark grey & then a black to shade as well (particularly around wound openings).

Hope you're enjoying these Halloween inspired looks - I know I am!

Course I gotta leave with a song...Damn, still having Seth Rogen visions when I hear this hahaha.

Just grab somebody, no leaving this party
With nobody to love. Nobody, nobody!

Joanna xo

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