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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Black & White Zombie Tutorial

I'm on a roll today! ^__^

I decided to re do my colorful zombie look from this morning in black & white because I thought it would a.) look pretty cool and b.) be simpler to explain in a photo tutorial. Since I'm going to be bombarding my blog & viewers with photos of the process, I think it's best we jump right on into it!

Let's start with some music. 

And here we go!

Products Used (& a few helpful hints):
- Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Brow Eyeliners in Black & White - These liners cost about 99 cents at Walgreens (or anywhere that carries Wet 'n Wild cosmetics) & are ultra creamy, blendable & easy to wipe away in case you change your mind about placement.
- Mehron Clown White cream make up
- Assortment of brushes -  For this look I used 5 brushes that I already had laying around. As mentioned in a previous tutorial, I buy cheap paint brushes in bulk from Michael's to use for looks like these. Cream makeup can get pretty messy and difficult to clean so I like to have disposable brushes on hand. You really don't need special brushes for this, just a little patience for shading! The reason I used so many brushes is that I needed one for each color used (black, white & grey). I also used a fluffy brush to set the black liner & an angled brush to go over certain areas.
- Matte black eye shadow to set the black liner (I used a matte black from an LA Colors palette available at Dollar Tree stores)
- White shadow OR translucent powder to set white liner (I used Ben Nye Neutral Set powder).
- Makeup sponge

Step By Step:

The first thing I did was use my white eyeliner pencil to draw an outline of my zombie face. I like to start with white because it's easiest to wipe away & doesn't leave behind as much color as a black pencil would. During this step I planned out the size and shape of the eye socket as well as the part of the face where the flesh is "torn away" exposing teeth.

The next thing I did was go over all of those white areas with my black eyeliner pencil.

With a flat (stiff bristled) brush, I began blending the liner downward/in a bit. This gives the look dimension. You can also fill in the whole face with white first (or whatever color you'd like your zombie to be) and THEN shade, but I preferred doing it this way.

I continued to shade & filled in the nose.

Filled in the eye socket with that black liner as well. Time to blend!

I blended the liner on my eyelids & lined my waterline. At this stage, you don't have to make the liner completely opaque on the lid. The richer the color the better, but it still needs to be set with a matte black eye shadow which will intensify the color & prolong wear. The liner acts as a great base for the shadow. Set the black using a fluffy brush & focusing a black shadow on the lower lid & crease of the eye (where color tends to wear off fastest).

I grabbed my white liner again and roughly drew in where I wanted the teeth to be. They go all the way back!

I drew in the teeth by taking a flat paint brush, dipping it in white face paint, pressing it onto my lip area and dragging it either up or down depending if I was working on the top or bottom row. If you're working on the top row of teeth, place your brush on your top lip (where you wish your tooth to start), apply a little pressure and drag the face paint UPWARD. With the product remaining on your brush, create sort of a point at the top so the teeth look a bit more jagged. Repeat this process (dragging downward) for the bottom row.

Here's a side shot of this process.

Fill in the areas between the teeth with black. You can use a black face paint/cream makeup on an angled brush OR you can simply use your eyeliner like I did here. Because these liners are so soft, though, make sure you sharpen frequently so your colors don't get TOO blended because you'll lose detail.

With a thin paint brush (like I used) or a pencil brush (if you have one) blend those lines to soften them a bit. Blend both upward and downward, that way your "gums" will be a different color than your teeth & outlines.

Next, I decided to grab a sponge & apply some white cream makeup to the areas of my face that were still flesh toned. Here is where you can get creative though! Rather than white you can use any color you wish to make your zombie face really pop!

The white cream makeup blended away some of my black lines so I went over them again with my freshly sharpened black liner to keep them crisp & the detail of the look clear.

& voila you're done!

Can't wait to mess around with more looks. Happy practicing!

Joanna xo

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