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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall-Themed Weekend Recap + Haul

I took some photos while I was out running errands this weekend & figured I'd share for all of my fellow fall/Halloween enthusiasts. First, I hit up a few grocery stores (including one of my favorites -  Whole Foods) & then ended up back at Dollar Tree. I got so distracted by their home decor (and ideas for DIYs) that I completely spaced out and bypassed the makeup aisle almost entirely. I was hoping to pick up some more LA Colors lipsticks & Physicians Formula products but I guess I'll have to go back for that! I blame it on the fact that I wandered in there an hour before closing time & ran around in sort of a frenzy. I think mama got a little excited about decorating for the season.

Onto some photos!

Follow me around:

Ahh, Affy Tapples...these always remind me of grade school. I liked this little wooden crate display at my local grocery store.

Whenever I go to Whole Foods I'm tempted to pick up more of this tea (Republic of Tea). The prices of these teas range from about $9 to $20 dollars but they've quickly become some of my favorites to buy, especially as temperatures begin to drop. This time I limited myself to the Dragon Oolong.

Little seasonal touches are popping up everywhere! While scoping out the beauty aisles at Whole Foods, I came across some unique jewelry. I found this little spider guy on an earring rack.

Next up was the Dollar Tree, where I found tons of Halloween decorations.In retrospect, I should have taken more pictures to keep things interesting but I was on a mission, guys. 

Haul time:
Picked up this Everyone Soap body wash (Whole Foods, $9.99). I had been eying this particular wash for quite some time but never picked it up because I still had heaps of other products at home. Since I was on the verge of running out of Caress, I figured I'd give this a go. This was actually in the "kid's" section of the beauty aisle but products by this brand that cater to adults (they had plenty, by the way) didn't appeal to me scent wise. I love the subtle orange scent of this, though, & the fact that it is non GMO, gluten free & not tested on animals.

 & now for some Dollar Tree goodies...These polishes are among the few beauty products I scooped up last night & are all by LA Colors. The colors from L to R: Scream, Orange Crush & Meadow. The striping polish is just black. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I chose these particular colors. I think I was just trying to justify buying them by getting colors I don't already own...Yeah...that must be it!

I also found this Aquafina lip balm chillin' on an end cap so I had to snatch it up to try. Now, if you follow DT hauls (on YT or Instagram) or are a frequent DT beauty bargain hunter, then you know that this is one of the most coveted beauty items of the moment. I didn't expect to find it but I'm glad that I did. Needless to say, I'm still a sucker for balms packaged like this (but my favorite is still my Softlips Cube). This product is far less waxy than the EOS balms (a definite plus) & quite moisturizing. It does leave behind sort of a white film on the lips which is why I probably wouldn't wear this under lipstick. I found that it was quite moisturizing, though, so I think I'll keep this on my nightstand to use before bed. 

I was impressed with the selection & overall quality of the fake flowers at my DT last night. I haven't bought any since last summer (for making flower crowns) but I was drawn in by the vibrant fall colors. I stuck to a burgundy, orange & yellow color scheme & managed to sneak my love of leopard (which they also had in a grey & black combo) into the mix. I like the idea of having flowers on my nightstand & these will be appropriate through November. I put together this little arrangement out of 3 separate little bouquets.

This is the glass vase I chose to display my little arrangement in. As always, I was impressed with their glassware.

These are 3 more little bouquets (red large petal flowers, burgundy medium petal flowers & yellow/orange leaves) in a vase I already owned. I put them in there for the time being & set them on my dresser but I think I'll be arranging them differently or making some type of wreath out of them when I pick up more supplies.

I couldn't pass up this little decorative knickknack. I'm considering touching up the paint job but overall, pretty cute to display for Halloween.

Can we just take a moment to properly appreciate these? They're adorable, especially for the price. I know I've gone slightly pumpkin crazy this month but I loved the quality of these & couldn't pass them up! They had many to choose from but these 2 varieties immediately caught my eye. They're also super versatile & can be displayed virtually anywhere around the house.

Lastly, I decided to pick up some cheapy markers & colored pencils because...well, why not?! I've been doing a ton of sketching lately & a fresh set of each will surely come in handy!

I know I always love fall related posts and photos so I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking the photos! 'Til next time!

Joanna xo

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