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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's my birthday...

Today has got me in a super reflective mood so I decided to come on here and wish myself a happy damn birthday (if only to remember this day & motivate myself to keep up my page!). I know this is a makeup blog but...

After the past year of struggles, I'm ready for some new beginnings & I welcome them with open arms. As much as I dread getting older, I'm looking forward to what this upcoming year has in store & I'm counting my blessings every day. Today I feel especially blessed to have my loved ones around me & to have woken up to birthday texts, comments & phone calls. I can honestly say that they have made my only birthday wish (to be happy) come true this year.

Here's to what I hope will be a fantastic year full of happiness, creativity & tons of fucking makeup.

& please check back for more makeup this week! 

 Joanna xo


  1. HAPPY BDAYYYY! I want some of that cake btw...

    1. Thanks girl! We need to catch up soon by the way. Hope everything has been good! Also yasssss this cake & some sushi is all I wanted wahaha. :D