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Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitty Makeup + Bonus NOTD

 1.) Ribbon wrapped wire kitty ears. 2.) Black & orange bow headband 3.) Fluffy hot pink/silver kitty ears

Headbands with animal ears, giant sequined bows, mini witch hats & even googly eyes are a busy girl's best friend come Halloween! They make for instant costumes & are always a fun way to feel festive, even if you can't go all out. This year, I was inspired by the Halloween headband selection I found in Target's dollar section. I ended up buying 3 and decided to do looks based on each. The first in the series is - you guessed it! - a simple kitty makeup to go with the ribbon wrapped wire cat ears I picked up.

Headbands like these will normally set you back about 8 bucks at costume shops & Halloween stores, so I was pretty thrilled to stock up for cheap! I've accumulated quite a few of pairs of cat ears, devil horns & everything in between, but I'm loving the quality & versatility of these.

& away we go!

The look:

Products Used/Helpful Hints:
*Note: All of the makeup mentioned below was applied over a thin layer of my regular foundation.
Mehron Clown White cream makeup - Used for the white/highlighted areas. I applied it with a fluffy brush and then blended with my finger. As you can see, I applied this creamy white makeup to the middle of my forehead (blending upward), down my nose, above my upper lip & on my chin (blending outward).
Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Nude Glow - Used on darker areas of the face such as the hairline, jawline, sides of the nose, cheekbones & around the white areas near the mouth. Instead of this product you can use a slightly darker (1 or 2 shades) foundation or a BB cream.
Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo - I used the matte bronzer to blend & deepen the darker areas of my face & to intensify my cheek (& other) contour.
Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel cream makeup - I used the black to draw on some fluffy brows, line my eyes, draw in the nose & outline the mouth. I did all of this with a thin angled brush. Don't have cream makeup & an angled brush? No problem. You can line your eyes with a liquid liner instead & use a well sharpened pencil to draw in the details.
Fantasy Makers Lipstick in Black - I used this to fill in my top lip.
Wet 'n Wild Lipstick in 525D Retro Pink - for my bottom lip.
Ben Nye Neutral Set powder - I patted this on my face carefully to set.

* I filled in my little cat nose with a random no name pink eye shadow. You can also use a lipstick.
* Apparently, I couldn't be bothered to put on mascara (whoops! I totally forgot) but I'd recommend a coat or 2 and even some dramatic falsies or half lashes to finish the look!

In keeping with today's kitty theme, here is my NOTD (which is actually from this weekend). I used LA Colors polish in Sea Foam & Sassy+Chic leopard nail stickers.

Thassall folks! Until next time!

Joanna xo

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