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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Simple "Skull"

With all of the different looks I hope to post this season, I wanted to make sure to include some that are really simple but still quite cool (if I do say so myself). I often end up doing makeup in a pinch & today's look is perfect for beginners, anyone who has multiple events/parties to go to (& wants to switch up their costume on the quick) or for anyone who just wants to look a little crazy this Halloween. ;)

Halloween makeup doesn't have to be super elaborate or complicated to be memorable & impressive, you just need a little patience for blending to create hollows & dimension.

Products used (& a few helpful hints):
- Wet 'n Wild Color Icon liner in Black  
- Medium sized wide fluffy brush - I used a cheap limited edition Wet 'n Wild brush from their Spring line despite it's coarse bristles. I didn't include a photo because it was scratchy & nothing to write home about. You can pick up a fluffy brush at pretty much any drugstore or use a paint brush from a craft store (Michael's has up to 50% off coupons online...jussayin'!).
- Any matte black shadow to set

Wet 'n Wild Color Icon liner in Black 

This type of brush works well for a look like this.

1.) Draw two imperfect circles around the eyes. Make them approximately the same shape but not perfectly round. Fill in with black liner & set with matte black shadow. Make sure to apply a generous amount of shadow to deepen the black & make it last. I always apply extra shadow on my lid & crease because that's where the liner tends to fade fastest.
2.) Draw two curved lines down the forehead. Using your brush, subtly blend those lines inward.
3.) Draw two half circles at your temples. Fill those in with liner. Set with shadow.
4.) Draw some lines under each eye and drag them toward your hairline. Blend those lines downward with your brush.
5.) Draw a line across each cheek. Where the line ends (close to the mouth) drag the line down creating a curve. Blend all the way down to jawline.
6.) Draw two triangles on nose. Fill in & set.
7.) Apply black liner or lipstick (if you have it) to lips. Using the liner extend lip line horizontally. Add two vertical lines on top of the horizontal lines you've just created.

Bam - you've got your skull face on!

Joanna xo

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