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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Zombie Half Face

Hey ghouls! This morning I woke up & decided to be productive so I'll be posting a zombie tutorial of sorts asap. I must partly attribute my sudden surge of energy & inspiration to the weather we're experiencing here in Chicago. It finally feels more like fall & I guess this sweater weather put some pep in my step! Yesterday started out as one of the muggiest & most unpleasant days we've had in a while but the temperature dropped drastically by around 8PM. Now it feels like fall with a temperature of about 51 degrees! I feel so much more energized & ready to take on the day so I wanted to share what I got done this morning. Please know that picture size & quality will improve when I make instructional posts!

A glimpse of what I've been working on:

 A little more info...

- As you can see, I started out by outlining the look with a white eyeliner pencil (by Wet 'n Wild)  just to map out where I wanted everything to be. I like to stock up on these pencils (especially during this time of year) because they're creamy & easy to wipe away if I end up wanting to change the look at any point. I always purchase several in both black & white to keep on hand. They're about 99 cents & widely available.

- I took a rather cheap angled brush (the one I used was by ECO Tools) & used it to outline the all of the areas that were previously white with a black cream makeup (Black from my Ben Nye Zombie Wheel cream makeup palette)

- I took a slightly fluffier brush and blended the black edges IN to start building up a little dimension/shadow.

- Filled in the non black areas with a purple shadow (MAC Beautiful Iris + random purples from my dingy old Coastal Scents 88 palette)

- Filled in the teeth with Mehron Clown White cream makeup & set them with a beige shadow (Coastal Scents palette)

- Shaded the teeth with bits of grey (the grey was just black cream makeup mixed with white).

- Added white cream makeup to accentuate highlighted areas.

- Went over black areas again with black cream makeup & set with matte black shadow (from a random LA colors palette available at Dollar Tree stores).

More to come!

Joanna xo

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