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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bloody Masquerade Part 2 - Torn Face Makeup

This is going to be a slightly quicker post than I had originally anticipated! As predicted in my previous Bloody Masquerae post, this look has - indeed - spread like wildfire this past month! I don't want to be redundant so I'm going to skip doing a full tutorial on this makeup (plus, it's actually pretty simple to replicate) but I will list some helpful hints below.
I think that this simplified version is perfect for beginners & still a really cool look for anyone wanting to slay at a costume party.

So here we go...here is the torn face makeup to accompany the flesh mask I made earlier this month!

To get this look...
- I took a white eyeliner pencil & held my flesh mask to my face. I traced along the outside of the mask to get my shape.
- I covered my brows with a combo of glue stick & translucent powder.
- Next I applied several layers of liquid latex on that white border I had created. I built it up slightly with one layer of tissue & waited for it to dry.
- Once dry, I peeled up the inner edges to make it look torn & give it dimension.
- I applied my regular foundation to my face and on the liquid latex.
- I used a dark red, black, bright red to fill in the wound.
- I used a sponge to stipple 2 kinds of blood on the wound (runny & coagulated - blood gel).

Don't forget to apply some liquid latex around the eyes (I skipped this step because my eyes are particularly sensitive to liquid latex) for an even more gnarly effect.

As long as the whole thing looks glossy & oozy, you're good to go. 

Final thoughts...
If I were to re do this I'd definitely use scar wax (which I ran out of this day) on the outer perimeter of the wound (rather than liquid latex). I prefer scar wax to latex and tissue because it is more seamless & can be more precisely manipulated.

Then, I'd seal the scar wax with a bit of liquid latex & do my paint job similarly to how I did it here. However, I would also apply scar wax around the eyes & peel it up a bit to look torn. 

It would also be cool to add a layer of liquid latex on the INSIDE of the wound to give that torn nasty flesh some more dimension. 
Anyhow...the overall effect is still pretty cool & this is definitely a memorable/effective gross out makeup to wear this Halloween.

Joanna xo

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NOTD: Halloween Nails

Here's a mani I did last night. It's perfect if you have no special nail brushes/tools because the Frankenstein monster accent nails/spider web can be done with a basic black striping polish. I know I know...the Franken-nail has been done, but I always seem to do it at least once during this time of year. It's super cute & easy so I can't seem to resist.

Sally Hansen polish in Slick Slate (dark grey)
Sinful Colors polish in Happy Ending (shimmery green)
Sinful Colors polish in Mystery Moonshine (glitter polish) - I feel compelled to mention that this polish blows - plainly put! No matter how much I shake it or work at getting glitter particles on my brush, they never end up on my nails. It's a pity, because the confetti-like little sparkles would be really pretty if they'd show up!
LA Colors Art Deco striping polish in Black
INM Out The Door Super Fast Drying Top Coat

On a totally unrelated note...I've been listening to John Newman all morning (yeah, what else is new?) but still can't get into that Calvin Harris collab (Blame). Just sayin'...Alright...ending this sad excuse for a post with some music. :D

Also...can we just take a second to appreciate this performance (living for that energetic dancing haha)...This Rudimental collab never gets old. Plus, that shot of Ella Eyre singing along in the audience gets me every time. K, gonna go bounce around while I clean. Hahaha.

Joanna xo

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bloody Masquerade Part 1 - DIY Flesh Mask

Now that October is finally upon us, I figured it was time to really play with some gory gross-out makeup. I've seen a few versions of the bloody masquerade mask done several different ways, so I decided to try it out & put my own spin on it. I had a feeling this look was going to be the new "zipper face" (in other words, done to death, haha) but was surprised to find that there aren't as many tutorials of this look as I thought! That being said, I hope this mask/makeup is fun to look at & inspires some spooky costumes (& maybe a few nightmares) this season! Below, I've included some instructions (accompanied by photos) to demonstrate how to make this mask as Part 1 of my Bloody Masquerade look! Some of the steps are very straight forward & simple so I did not photograph every part of the process (if I did we'd be scrolling 'til the end of time haha).

Another cool thing about making this mask is that you can customize it to fit your needs & costume requirements. For example, rather than making it into a masquerade mask, you could simply attach it to your face with some spirit gum & add some blood, making it look like you wore someone else's face to the party! The possibilities are endless, so let's just get started!

What you'll need:
- Simple mask of your choice
*Note - I chose to use a mask made out of a flimsy "satin" material so that it would more closely resemble flesh. You can use a plastic one, but I thought it would be a bit too stiff & not as realistic!
- Liquid latex
- Nose & scar wax
- Lotion of your choice
- Foundation that matches your skin
- Makeup sponges
- Cream makeup (I used red, dark red, brown, black & grey)
- Theatrical blood
- Glue gun
- Craft feathers (or any misc. embellishments you may have laying around)
- 1 Chopstick or skewer
- Black Sharpie marker

In this photo you can see what I started with up close. This mask was the cheapest I'd seen at any shop & cost me $1.49.

1.) Alright, so the first thing you want to do after you choose your mask is coat it with a layer of liquid latex. Again, I chose to work with a very flimsy mask so I wanted to make it a bit thicker & sturdier. I chose to use this kind of mask, rather than a plastic one, because I felt that it'd look more realistic. The finished product flaps a bit like skin would. If you use plastic, you can skip this step I suppose.
My mask had some wonky eye holes. So, with a pen, I drew out a new shape for the eyes. Next, I cut out my new eye holes with some scissors. You can get creative in this step, cut the mask to make it look more jagged, whatever you want! I chose to keep it simple & stick to the original shape of the mask so that the look wouldn't lose its "masquerade" feel.
After that, it was on to the liquid latex. I applied quite a thick layer with a brush. You can use a blow dryer to speed up drying time.

2.) After my first coat of liquid latex dried, I used a makeup wedge to apply another thin coat of latex to my mask.

3.) I waited for my second layer of latex to dry before I moved on to this step. Here, I've prepared my scar wax & some hand lotion. I rubbed a bit of lotion on my hands (don't use too much or your wax will be too slippery) & scooped some wax out of the container. I rolled it into balls & flattened them. Then I began placing them on the mask. I continued to build up the wax until the whole mask was covered. Then, I applied a bit more lotion to my hands to smooth out the wax on the mask.
*Note: Using scar wax on the mask gave it a bit more weight & made the surface appear more "skin like".

4.) I applied another thin coat of liquid latex on top of the scar wax.
5.) Once the final layer of liquid latex dried, I applied a foundation that matched my skin tone to the mask with a foundation brush. You can use a sponge for this step.
6.) I powdered the mask with Ben Nye's translucent setting powder. You can also use your regular setting powder for this step.
 7.) Now, for the brows! This part is a little tricky. Make sure you WAIT until your mask is dry to do this step! Draw in some brows with cream makeup using short strokes to emulate real brow hairs. You don't want to use a brow pencil for this step because your mask will still be a bit soft. Using a pencil will essentially stab the "skin" of your mask. So, using a stiff angled brush & cream makeup works well & keeps the brows on the surface rather than digging into the "flesh" you've made.
*Note: Don't freak out if your brow game isn't on point here. You're wearing a flesh mask covered in blood, after all!
8.) I took my handy Ben Nye Zombie wheel (cream makeup) and used a dark red around the mask & eye holes.
9.) I deepened the red with black cream makeup (once again painting around the mask in various spots and the eye holes). I also added fake blood at various stages. Looks cool even when it dries!

10.) After the blood dried up a bit, I used a true red to go over certain spots to make the skin look a bit irritated.
11.) Powder the cream makeup to set it. I used a translucent powder by Ben Nye.
12.) I happened to have some old Mardi Gras masks laying around, so I cut off some of the feathers and glued them to the back of my mask with a hot glue gun. You can buy feathers at a craft store. You can also add gems or whatever else you want to your mask in this step.
13.) With a black Sharpie marker, I colored in one chopstick & attached it to my mask with hot glue.

14.) Apply blood of your choice to the mask. If you don't have gel blood, use regular costume blood & reapply it before you go out for the night.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by! 

Please check back for Part 2 of my Bloody Masquerade look which will feature makeup to accompany this mask!!

Joanna xo

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monthly Favorites: September

This month has been sort of slow - as far as favorite beauty products are concerned - because I've been focused on coming up with Halloween looks, shopping compulsively for fall clothing & doing very basic every day makeup (what can I say, I'm a creature of habit!). But, as always, I do have a few products to spotlight & chit chat about so let's jump into it!

1.) The first thing I've been loving lately is this retractable lip liner by Jordana in the color Cabernet. This is an awesome deep red wine color that pairs well with several of my favorite fall lipsticks. I've actually worn this on its own as well & it looks just as beautiful. I have to say, I wasn't expecting much when I bought this (gave it a whirl because it was on sale at Walgreens). I was convinced that it'd be waxy, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it applied easily, was very creamy & didn't bleed.

 Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Lip Liner

2.) Next up is another Jordana retractable liner in Sea Green. I picked this up thinking it'd be a fun alternative to standard black. I liked the idea of a deep green liner to play up my eyes & add an unexpected pop of  color to an otherwise simple makeup look. Once again, I was not disappointed. This applies smoothly & stays on for quite a long time. I like to use this beneath my waterline (along my lower lashlines) for a little pop of color.

Jordana Easyliner for Eyes Retractable Eye Liner

L: Cabernet R: Sea Green

3.) Next is MAC's Riveting Rose lipstick. I believe this came out with their "Jeanius" collection a few years back. Whoops, hopped on that bandwagon pretty late... Better late than never, right? Anyhow...I do love this color, especially for the fall. It's a deep red-berry color with a plum/purple frost. It isn't as dark as it appears in the tube and, when applied lightly, looks more red. I've paired it up with the aforementioned Cabernet liner by Jordana & they make a pretty nice combination.

MAC Riveting Rose lipstick

On lips: Jordana Easyliner for Lips in Cabernet + MAC Riveting Rose lipstick

4.) Since I've been doing a bunch of Halloween looks lately, I was going through my regular makeup removing wipes like crazy. To save a few bucks, I decided to stock up on these cheap baby wipes from Dollar Tree to use instead. So far, they've been working out perfectly. I don't use these directly on my face, but have used them for my neck, hands & to spot clean my brushes. They're also great for removing swatches when I'm testing products. Total steal compared to what I pay for my regular wipes. Plus, they're unscented & non irritating.

5.) Lastly, I decided to include a fragrance I've been loving. I admit, I bought it only about 2 weeks ago but figured I'd sneak it in because I've been wearing it almost every day since then. For those of you who aren't familiar, this is the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume. I'm still surprised at how much I love this stuff & how great it smells on me. I used to wear Fantasy (pink bottle) back in high school but it was way too sweet to wear on a daily basis. I still have it in my collection but never really reach for it.

By comparison, I'd say this one is a bit more sophisticated & fruity. Although, I still consider this a warm scent. It has become sort of a fall staple of mine already & I've been getting a lot of compliments whenever I wear it, so I figured I'd toss it in.

'Til next time, ghouls. Check back with me this week for more Halloween looks & as always - thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram & check out the Halloween looks I've posted so far!

Happy October!

Joanna xo