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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bloody Masquerade Part 2 - Torn Face Makeup

This is going to be a slightly quicker post than I had originally anticipated! As predicted in my previous Bloody Masquerae post, this look has - indeed - spread like wildfire this past month! I don't want to be redundant so I'm going to skip doing a full tutorial on this makeup (plus, it's actually pretty simple to replicate) but I will list some helpful hints below.
I think that this simplified version is perfect for beginners & still a really cool look for anyone wanting to slay at a costume party.

So here we go...here is the torn face makeup to accompany the flesh mask I made earlier this month!

To get this look...
- I took a white eyeliner pencil & held my flesh mask to my face. I traced along the outside of the mask to get my shape.
- I covered my brows with a combo of glue stick & translucent powder.
- Next I applied several layers of liquid latex on that white border I had created. I built it up slightly with one layer of tissue & waited for it to dry.
- Once dry, I peeled up the inner edges to make it look torn & give it dimension.
- I applied my regular foundation to my face and on the liquid latex.
- I used a dark red, black, bright red to fill in the wound.
- I used a sponge to stipple 2 kinds of blood on the wound (runny & coagulated - blood gel).

Don't forget to apply some liquid latex around the eyes (I skipped this step because my eyes are particularly sensitive to liquid latex) for an even more gnarly effect.

As long as the whole thing looks glossy & oozy, you're good to go. 

Final thoughts...
If I were to re do this I'd definitely use scar wax (which I ran out of this day) on the outer perimeter of the wound (rather than liquid latex). I prefer scar wax to latex and tissue because it is more seamless & can be more precisely manipulated.

Then, I'd seal the scar wax with a bit of liquid latex & do my paint job similarly to how I did it here. However, I would also apply scar wax around the eyes & peel it up a bit to look torn. 

It would also be cool to add a layer of liquid latex on the INSIDE of the wound to give that torn nasty flesh some more dimension. 
Anyhow...the overall effect is still pretty cool & this is definitely a memorable/effective gross out makeup to wear this Halloween.

Joanna xo

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