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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Drag Makeup: Adore Delano

As an avid watcher of Rupaul's Drag Race, I've been thinking about doing some kind of look based on one of my favorite queens for ages. It was my goal to do it by Halloween so, at least I'm on track! I've been hella distracted lately, which is why I haven't posted the follow up to the bloody masquerade mask I made...but that look is in the works! Until then, I figured I'd post some pics of me serving a little drag realness, hunty! Myself & a friend randomly decided to spend our Saturday working on our eleganza so...here is the end result. No worries, though, I toned it down a little before I went out... ;-) I didn't plan on doing this look (or posting it) so most of the photos are just me goofing off. Still, hope you enjoy...

Anyhow, I chose to do some Adore Delano looks because she's one of my favorite queens in general (dat voice doe!) & I've been wanting to recreate her fierce winged top/bottom liner forever. Check out the face beating below!

I knew I'd find an excuse to wear this wig again...Here's my attempt at classic Adore.

Later, I swapped the red lipstick for a taupey-brown liner/nude lipstick combo & the red wig for my own hair & served some DTF realness.

& here's some extra shots...in case you aren't sick of my mug yet...

Glad I looked a tinty bit less manly in the photos than I did IRL...*snicker*

The falling out was easy, but I hate that you don't need me
And it gets so hard to speak, every time you get to me
'Cause I adore you

Alright, hunties...time for me to sashay away. Maybe I'll go practice some death drops or do a little reading...

Joanna xo

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