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Monday, November 3, 2014

Monthly Favorites: October

Wow...I'm sitting here in disbelief that Halloween & the whole month of October are over! I feel like this entire year sort of slipped past me & I'm partially relieved (it hasn't been the easiest one), but now I feel like I'm scrambling to get all kinds of things done! Anyhow, I wanted to make sure to mention that just because Halloween has come & gone, doesn't mean that I'm going to stop doing fun looks. As a matter of fact, I have a few drag inspired makeup posts in the works & hope you continue to check back for them!

For now, though, I wanted to spotlight a few of my favorite things from this past month so let's get on with it!

 1.) I've been liking this Ready Set Gorgeous concealer by Cover Girl. I bought it in Light & love it to brighten up my under eyes. I set it with a bit of my regular pressed powder & blam! Instant highlight action.

2.) Next up is this awesome INM Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat. I had been putting off buying a topcoat for months after reading some horror stories/warnings about my usual Seche Vite (you can learn more about it & decide for yourself here). Either way, I'd rather have chipped nails than inhale toxic fumes so I picked up this one instead & haven't looked back since.

3.) Moving on to MAC's Crystal eye shadow. I've loved this for years & always go back to it. It was hard to get a good shot of this shadow but I'll do my best to describe it. It's sort of a light grey/purple hybrid & I love it to bring out my green eyes. It can be smoked out with dark greys/black or played up with purples. When I wear it I also like to pop a bit of MAC Vellum (white with a purple duo-chrome) in my inner corners for a little somethin' extra.

4.) I've been using this EO body wash (which I mentioned in a haul of sorts last month) & love it. It's safe, natural & contains no synthetic fragrances which is great because it's something I use every day. It smells like oranges which is always refreshing in the morning!

5.) As far as accessories, I've been wearing these little Love studs a lot lately. I picked these little babies up in the jewelry clearance section at Target, which I had never really paid attention to before.

6.) I've also been into these James St. James Transformations vids on YT. If you like drag & makeovers, this is perfect for you. Kinda makes me wanna re watch Party Monster...

Lastly, I just wanted to mention this amazingly sweet surprise I received from my best friend today! How cute is this little fire opal ring?! Thank you boo! I love it! ^_^ I also wanted to shout out the shop/seller of this ring - The Ombre Mouse/Lisa Klunk - for packaging it so nicely! Check out her shop here.

Joanna xo

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