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Monday, February 2, 2015

Monthly Favorites (DRUGSTORE EDITION): January

Another month has passed (which means I'm due for a favorites post)! I completely spaced out & skipped last month's favorites entirely but I wasn't deviating from my standard day-to-day makeup routine all that much. The past few weeks have been a bit more interesting, though, so I'm slowly but surely getting back into doing different looks & buying new products to try. Blahblahblah! Let's get to the favorites!

1.) e.l.f Dramatic Lash Kit  - ***This is going to be somewhat of a review so bear with me!

Sometime in December I purchased my first e.l.f lashes in a holiday pack (5 pairs for 5 bucks) at the drug store. I had been curious about them for a while but pretty skeptical as to how they'd stack up against my more expensive falsies. Needless to say, I caved, used up the entire pack & decided that I liked them enough to head to Target to stock up on more.

I picked up this single set (as pictured above) & have to say that I was pretty impressed. First off, these lashes are only $1 & they look quite nice after they're applied and blended with a coat or two of mascara. As with most other pairs of synthetic lashes, these tend to be on the shiny side. However, because of how they're spaced, I don't mind it one bit & it really isn't noticeable.

You have to be careful when removing them from their plastic backing, though, because the lash band is somewhat flimsy & the hairs can get easily tangled or begin stick out in different directions if you're too rough with them (I recommend using tweezers to lift the edges up). However, because the lash band is so thin, these are really easy to apply/position & they blend nicely into my natural lash lines. Also, because of the size of my eyes, I don't have to cut these down to fit, but I do occasionally like to cut them in half (which makes them even more of a steal).

THE BOTTOM LINE: These cheapo lashes are totally adequate. 

The only real problem I have with this kit is the glue it comes with! It's USELESS so buy yourself some DUO lash adhesive with the money you save on these.

2.) NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer

I admit that I've only used this on other people & never myself, but I like this product so far. I've used it to cover acne, redness & even to camouflage dark circles. They don't seem to have much of a color selection in these particular concealers, but I'm curious to try the color correcting green one next. The formula is thick but easy to blend out & doesn't crease so I dig 'em. I think I'll definitely give this stuff a whirl when I want some extra coverage.

3.) Rimmel London Glam Eyes Eye Shadow Quad in 021 State of Grace

I've neglected this little quad since I bought it (after seeing it in some tutorial on YouTube, of course). Ahh, good old blue eye shadow...

I wouldn't necessarily use these four colors together, but they're quite nice separately. I've used the silvery shade on top of a darker silver to make my eye shadow really pop. I've also layered up the blues  in a recent blue-to-black gradient smokey eye look I did (pictured below). I haven't used the dark purple shade but overall, I like this quad. The colors aren't the most pigmented but layer nicely on top of each other or other colors, which makes it easier to get away with 'em. They also blend well. I guess if you're into blues & looking for an easy way to amp up your look, this isn't bad.

 ***I'm wearing both blue shadows blended together in my crease. I'm also wearing the e.l.f falsies I talked about above. My apologies for the grainy shot.

4.) L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude

From what I remember, this lipstick is a HG for many MUAs & beauty gurus on YouTube. What can I say? It pairs perfectly with a deep dark smokey eye. Even though I'm fair, this shade doesn't wash me out & it's pretty universally flattering. I've been using it a lot lately topped off with all kinds of glosses.

5.) Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine

I've loved this stuff for a long time & sort of rediscovered just how much over the past few weeks. I'm a sucker for anything grape so I enjoy the scent & love that it's just pigmented enough to give me that perfect "my lips but better" shade. It also keeps my lips soft & hydrated so - win win!

'Til next time! 

Joanna xo


  1. gotta try the L'Oreal lipsticks and you look stunning in that second pic! -Ezi

    1. Only just seeing this now. Loving your posts as always by the way...that furry bag you've been wearing has me drooling. Miss you girl! Text me when you have the time! Got some updates for you. <3