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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's take a trip down memory lane...

I was sitting around today after cleaning some makeup brushes & stuffing them back into my kit when I remembered my beloved old Caboodles makeup case & the start of my love of all things beauty-related. Ahh, I still remember all of the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers & glittery Naturistics lip glosses I crammed inside of that clunky old thing...I outgrew it quickly, but it served me well! To my surprise, a quick Google search actually produced a photo of the very case I had. Man, I sort of wish I had held on to it...
I remember having to update my makeup storage situation when the little closure broke. Anyway, I used to put it on my vanity in the morning, open it up & use the mirror inside to apply my makeup before school. A coat of mascara, bit of blush & a translucent nude or pink gloss did the trick back then...Until I discovered lip liners the next year, that is...

At the time that my mom bought it for me, I considered it a big purchase. Hey, twenty five bucks was a big deal to an 11 year old...Anyhow, I suppose I've been feeling more inspired and thankful than ever these days, which explains this wave of nostalgia. I recently invested in updating my case/product hoard & couldn't be more ecstatic to be working more. I feel like I'm starting over & I've finally gotten where I needed to be. Here's to new beginnings, I guess!

I'm really looking forward to posting more this week, maintaining my Facebook page & getting my website sorted out...'Til then, here are a few of my coveted products from when I was a pre-teen, just for shits & giggles. If you were a 90's girl like me, you can probably relate.

1.) Bonne Bell Lip Smackers - I still use the Dr. Pepper flavored one all the time...Oh, who am I kidding? I still own a ton of these...

2.) Naturistics Roll-On Lip Gloss in Vanilla

3.) Bonne Bell Body Glitter - I remember not knowing what the hell to do with this stuff but I had this exact tube (and several others) back in the day. I remember smearing it on my cheekbones and sometimes applying it to my shoulders. Hey, Britney Spears did it, so it must have been right...

4.) Bath & Body Works glittery hand sanitizers - Man oh man, these were all the rage back in middle school. Everyone had their favorite scent. Mine was Freesia...

5.) Any blue eye shadow...& lots of it!

6.) Butterfly clips & plastic barrettes!

7.) Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions perfumes

8.) Bon Bons nail polishes - We loved them because they were so tiny & cute!

9.) CoverGirl Lip Slicks - I still use my old favorite (in Demure) today...

10.) Revlon Street Wear line of products - I totally remember the polishes & lipsticks!

& last but not least, my signature scent in middle school...Davidoff's Cool Water for women...

Joanna xo


  1. I had a caboodles make up box omg! This post was so cute :) -Ezi

    1. Haha yessss! It was my favorite thing lol. I felt so professional! & thank youuu I felt all nostalgic hahaha. <3