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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monthly Favorites (+UNFavorites): April 2015

1.) RCMA foundation/concealer palettes - These are amazing & help conserve so much space in my kit. Very little product goes a long way, the coverage is flawless & they require little touch-up after initial application. They're formulated without perfumes, animal extracts, mineral oils or lanolin and are super long lasting. If you're a non MUA, you can still purchase either samples or larger pots of your desired shade(s), so I encourage checking out their website.

2.) Dove Go Fresh body wash in Nectarine & White Ginger - I've already re-purchased this stuff. It smells really yummy but not overpowering and the formula is moisturizing. I use it to shave my legs with too. Win win.

3.) Milani Coming Up Roses powder blushes - I'll admit, I was drawn to these because they looked so pretty in the pan, but I actually really love them. I've had good luck with Milani blushes in general (their baked powder blush in Dolce Pink is my HG) so I ended up buying all four. I think my favorite might be Tea Rose, though.

4.) CoverGirl Smoochies lip gloss in #535 Make It Sparkle - These remind me of something I would have used to death in high school. The whole candy colored line is fun to look at and #535 is really cute, moisturizing and non-sticky (which is what I appreciate most). The color is pretty much completely sheer on my lips, but I love glosses in a squeezy tube. It's great for every day touch ups in the car or adding a little moisture and sheen to a drying lipstick.

5.) Tonymoly Hello Bunny solid perfume in PomPom Green Tea (Coco Floral was a close second) - There's just something about Korean cosmetics that speaks to me. Again, the packaging is something that my inner twelve year old squeals over. I love carrying this little perfume solid in my makeup bag because I never worry about any glass shattering or liquid spilling. The scent is a really pretty mixture of lotus flowers and green tea. It smells light, fresh and clean. I picked mine up at Urban Outfitters and can't wait to go back there to try more products from this company. & yes - they are all equally as cute as this one!

6.) Nivea Energy Fresh deodorant spray in Lemongrass - Deodorant sprays are becoming more and more popular lately, I've noticed. I definitely prefer the scents and varieties that the European versions have to offer, though. I picked this one up in the cosmetic section of a Polish market & I like it a lot. The scent is really nice and seems to linger all day and well, the product does what it's supposed to.

7.) Simple Cleansing micellar water - I love this stuff, plainly put. It removes makeup really well.
I actually wrote a very detailed post about this product and micellar waters in general below! Please refer to it for any questions you may have about this product.

I also wanted to include one MISS from the past month which, needless to say, is a product I wouldn't repurchase...The Ulta brand brush cleaner! I hate using this stuff because it takes a lot of product to clean each brush. I also don't think it does that good of a job cleansing them to begin with.
It foams a ton and I HATE the smell (which THANKFULLY doesn't linger too much). I'm determined to use this stuff out to get my money's worth, but I've already repurchased a huge bottle of Cinema Secrets brush cleaner to avoid buying these small crappy ones again.

Joanna xo


  1. I remember those Milani blushes launched a while ago in my area and I really wanted them because of their packaging too, so cute :)

    1. Love em! The baked blushes are awesome too if you like a little shimmer/glow.