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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beauty Spotlight: Celebrity Looks To Love

I came across a photo of Jennifer Lopez last night and, as always, had to stop to admire her beautiful skin & makeup! I decided to compile a little list of celebrity looks that I love & look to when I need a little makeup inspiration.

Let's go!

1.) First off, here's that gorgeous J.Lo look I was talking about (featuring her signature glow). I love her sun kissed skin, sultry eyes & nude lips. Her cheeks are accentuated beautifully with soft contour/highlight. So feminine & sexy!

2.) Next up is one of my favorite actresses...Sandra Bullock! Her skin is flawless, her eyes make a beautiful focal point & her cheeks/lips are petal pink & pretty!

3.) Next up is Scarlett Johansson, of course. I had a hard time choosing my favorite ScarJo look, but decided to go with another from the red carpet. Whether she's wearing a bold lipstick or dark smokey eyes, Scarlett always looks fresh & beautiful. This simple smokey eye + glossy pink lip look is one of my faves for sure! Once again, the contour is warm, flattering & understated.

4.) Gabrielle Union is next with another gorgeous smokey eye/nude lip combo. She always looks fresh faced & beautiful. I love her long lashes & soft blush here.

5.) Ahh, how pretty is Jessica Alba?! I love the muted cranberry eye, contoured cheeks & simple lip. This is further proof that sometimes, less is more.

6.) I couldn't make a list like this without mentioning the absolutely flawless Aishwarya Rai. From the moment I saw this gorgeous Bollywood actress, I was obsessed with her and her makeup. Over the years, I've seen her play with different lip colors and looks, so it was hard to nail down just one favorite! As much as I love how deep smokey looks emphasize her beautiful eyes, I'm absolutely loving this soft and shimmery look.

7.) This next actress is a new favorite of mine, but she came to mind right away when thinking about beautiful makeup! Dianna Agron looks amazing on the red carpet. I love the nude pout, wispy lashes & softly bronzed skin.

Ok, so you get the idea! 

These are just a few of my favorite celebrity looks, but I think one thing that these ladies all have in common is that their makeup is tailored specifically to them (which helps to emphasize their best features).

Now, as wonderful as YouTube & Instagram are, I've seen some trends on there that I've grown a bit tired of lately! Super cakey contour, exaggerated brows & stark highlight are among them... It's important to consider how your makeup will look in person as well as on camera. The example I use below is very pretty (so please don't think I'd EVER rip someone's work apart), but doesn't necessarily translate well in person. While this look may work for the wearer, it may not for someone attempting to recreate it.

I mean, I still believe that a woman should wear the kind of makeup she feels the most beautiful in (don't think I'm judging, I love me some blue eyeshadow & glitter), but I think it's important to remember that we're not all Kim K, haha. I think every face could benefit from highlight & contour done the right way...& taking your OWN features (skin tone, texture, eye/lip/brow shape, etc.)  into account is extremely important in achieving a gorgeous makeup look...that's all I'm sayin'!

I think these looks are super versatile, so I hope this list has been helpful in some way! Bottom line: Let your own beautiful features shine through!

Joanna xo

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