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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Monthly Favorites: May

It's that time again!

1.) Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-To Wear gel nails - I was tempted to snag these the moment I saw them at Walgreens, but I kept resisting & passing them by. As usual, they haunted me for a week before I went back to the drug store & finally picked them up. I've purchased them twice now (same set) and wore them for photos & for an event. They stayed put & looked great. They're medium length & have that ever-so-popular "claw" shape. They're also black with 2 tones of fine glitter at the tips. I used to get my nails done pretty consistently when I was younger but now, that just ain't happening. Between being a MUA & contact wearer, I prefer keeping my nails pretty short. Still, these are awesome when you're in a bind or if you don't want to commit to having long nails for more than a few days. At about $7 a box, they're pretty cost effective too.

2.) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk - I know this product has been mentioned for years now by everyone & their mama, but I'm gonna have to bring it up again, guys! Lol. I've been using & repurchasing this product for years, but recently rediscovered my love for it & have been using it like crazy. I actually "depotted" mine & put it in a mini makeup jar instead, which makes it even easier to use & allows me to get to all the product without the hassle of sharpening. I use this as an eyeshadow base (especially for bright colors that I want to stand out even more). I've also used this a ton for Halloween looks, highlighting, brightening, ombre lips...you name it! It's still a makeup must-have for me.

3.) Pop-arazzi polish in The Hue Is Blue - I found this line of polish at CVS. They have a nice selection of colors & super cute polka dotted packaging. As usual, I gravitated towards the blues + greens in this line, and this particular shade became a fast favorite of mine (I'm actually wearing it on my toes now). The formula of this polish is quite nice & it stays put under my favorite topcoat. It's also pretty opaque (2 coater) & applies smoothly. I love this cool light blue.

4.) MAC Hi-Def Cyan eye pencil - This is another product that I rediscovered recently & want to get straight to the point about - it's awesome. I've been trying to incorporate it into my eye looks as much as possible. The color is so vivid and the formula is amazing. It applies like a dream to the top lids & even the waterline. Great for adding a pop of color to a neutral look.

5.) Royal & Langnickel Love Is...Hopeful brush set - I did a more detailed blog post about this particular set pretty recently, so I'm going to keep this short. I've been using them since they arrived at my door and they're fantastic. They're also super pretty to look at and look great on my vanity. The fluffy crease brush is one of my all time favorites.

& last but not least...

6.) Sleek i Divine palette in Ultra Mattes V1 - My love for this palette is reeeeeaaaal & I've been playing with it for about a month straight. I remember YT beauty gurus using & talking about Sleek but, back then, it was more difficult to purchase their products in the US (I believe they're a UK brand). Now, their entire line is available to everyone through their website. The colors are awesome & surprisingly easy to apply/blend. As with most bright mattes, these look a lot better over a shadow base (this is where our handy NYX pencil in Milk comes in) & require a bit of packing on to be opaque. I haven't experienced a ton of chalky fallout underneath my eyes when using them, though, (which was a nice surprise) & the colors are so vivid and pretty. Even if you aren't brave enough to wear a lid of bright blue, these make great liners too, & can add a pop of color to a basic/neutral makeup look. I have several photos posted to IG using this palette so if you follow me there, you've probably already seen some of them. Best of all, Sleek is really affordable. I ordered mine on Amazon & I don't think I even paid for shipping.

Joanna xo

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