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Friday, April 8, 2016

Battle of the mascaras! Let's review...



I picked up CoverGirl's Super Sizer on a whim. I knew needed a new mascara but almost completely forgot (I blame the vortex that is Target) until I saw a little display of Super Sizer on an end cap of some random aisle. I admit, when I opened it I was kind of disappointed. The brush had the tiniest plastic bristles I had ever seen and I figured there was no way it would work for me. I guess I was expecting a giant brush...or something. Well long story short, I was wrong! The bristles on the mascara wand are small enough to get super close to the lash line, which makes it easier to be more precise. Also, despite the smaller bristles, it takes the same time to apply as any other mascara. Now, my lower lashes are always kind of an issue because they're quite light and on the thin side but this brush coated every single lash and made them look fuller, beautifully darkened, defined and lengthened. I was impressed. One coat did the trick and I didn't even feel like I needed to curl my lashes. It doesn't flake off or end up under my eyes, either. The formula is pretty great! Not too wet, not too dry - just right. It makes my lashes look long, thick and pretty (there's a 'that's what she said' joke in there somewhere, but I'm lazy). I would definitely repurchase it!


Ok, onto the not so glowing side of my review of sorts...

Yesterday I couldn't find my Super Sizer mascara so I left it up to chance and reached for whatever was closest. It happened to be Rimmel's Wonder Lash with argan oil. I had already deemed this stuff useless several attempts prior, but decided that it deserved another go (not sure why...). I knew I didn't like the formula so I curled my lashes before I applied it & hoped for the best. What. A. Mess. It clumps like crazy, for one thing and the formula is strange.  It's more on the gooey/sticky side so you have to be careful not to smudge it. Oh, and it smears easily too. It feels oily on the lashes but isn't pigmented enough to darken the them (even in 003 Extreme Black). The brush is a bit too big, especially for my baby bottom lashes but even when I'm careful, it just doesn't define them. On top of that, the brush itself just feels sort of flimsy. In terms of volume, it does nothing. In terms of lengthening, it just sits there. My lashes pretty much separated in all different directions. I took some photos last night and, though my lashes are naturally long, you can't see them at all...Now, I don't know if prolonged use would thicken my lashes in the long run (I mean, it does contain argan oil) but I'm not willing to use it again so I guess I'll never know. Removing it took too long and it streaked down my face. Never again. Save your money!

Ok, I'm done Hulking out over mascara but I do hope this was helpful in some way.

Joanna xo

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