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Friday, April 29, 2016

Makeup Effects

Makeup effects have always fascinated me, from the simplest wounds down to full on prosthetics. The process of sculpting, molding and casting has always been something that I dreamed of being a part of, so any chance that I've gotten to dabble in this particular genre of makeup has been a real treat for me! There is always more to learn, new techniques to master and new types of makeup to use. I remember being a child and seeing Amadeus for the first time. I loved the movie and later had it explained to me that the old man in the film was an actor in old age makeup. I remember how staggering that was to me (still is!). That was my introduction to makeup fx and the absolutely amazing and inspiring work of Dick Smith. Later on, I would obsessively watch the making of Michael Jackson's Ghosts, which is still a favorite of mine. There are so many cool effects in it that, well, if you haven't seen it - just watch it!


Tonight, after a fun brainstorm session with a friend, I decided to play around with some additional (simple yet effective) makeups so I figured I would share one here! I decided to go with a split lip. I used a two part silicone for this effect and then added Ben Nye cream makeup and Cinema Secrets gel blood to finish it. One thing to note about a makeup like this is that it wont last long, but it's great for photos and to freak out your friends. Due to the fact that you're working around your mouth, I don't recommend alcohol palettes. Again, cream makeup works well & you only really need one or two colors beneath the blood gel.

Oh! And just a reminder if you haven't already read my post about this here, on FB or Instagram - I will be one of the MUAs at this year's Zombie March in Chicago. If you plan on attending, don't hesitate to contact me to make an appointment and skip the lines.

'til next time.

Joanna xo

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