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Monday, May 30, 2016

Walker Stalker Con - RECAP!

This past weekend was a whirlwind! I figured I'd share a few photos of my experience working Joey Fatone's booth at Walker Stalker this year. It was a blast and I met some awesome people along the way (he was incredibly nice and his managers were amazing too). In the booths next to ours were AJ Mclean & Nick Carter who were also awesome and super energetic. It was every 90's girl's dream come true, to say the least! :D

Joey & the zombie Storm Trooper.

Thankful to have seen some old friends and for the new ones who came out too. I'm also super happy to hear everyone had an awesome time, especially those I gave wristbands to! I still have loads of photos from that zombie demo I did and of some folks I helped zombie up for the event, so check back for those too! If you haven't attended a con, I highly recommend going! Also! If you haven't yet, check out Dead 7 (which premiered on SyFy & stars all your boy band favorites including Nick, AJ & Howie from BSB/Joey from N'Sync/Eric from O-Town and many more). For more photos from this con, be sure to LIKE my FB page - CLICK HERE! :)
Our booth! Plenty of shots to choose from for autographs including the poster for Dead 7! :)

Walker Stalker selfie.
Nick Carter a booth away.

There were photo ops with Joey and the other guys.

Zombie Beaker was another favorite!

Always love checking out all the amazing art.

This black & white Walking Dead group was brilliant.
They were awesome!

View from the top - of some of the convention madness!

Evil gingy.

Con day 2 ft. snacks
Of course I left creepy doodles in the booth.
& personalized them...*snicker*
I'm so thankful to have had this awesome experience. Excited to see what the next year brings!

Joanna xo

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